Hotmail email verification Process

Hotmail, Live, MSN, and WindowsLive email provider is one of the most used providers in the world. So the task of Hotmail account verification is very important for us. Speed of Hotmail validation (bulk Hotmail/Live/Msn/WindowsLive checker) is about 1,000,000 emails per day, but sometimes our service is overloaded and speed can be lower.

There are three types of Yahoo mail account verification:

  • bulk email checker - this is the most recommended way, you can verify CSV file with emails (up 4,000,000 per one file)
  • verify email list - created for the user's who what instant verification through our web interface (up to 30 emails per click)
  • email verification API - you can verify emails one-by-one from your software or web project
Prices for Hotmail/Live/Msn/WindowsLive email verification are the same as for other emails but speed lower.