Understanding The Reports

This type of report consists of email address and status. Its row structure is "", "status", this is a file of example.
In text editor it will look like this:

Email, Status, Disposable, Spam Traps, Role-Based, Unsafe

"","ok", Yes, No,No,Yes
"","fail", No, No,Yes,No
"","unknown", No, No, No, No
"","ok", No, Yes, No, No

Status "ok" will be if three conditions will be true:

  • email service answer us that ready to receive a letter
  • no antispam tricks in use
  • email service does not answer that any email is valid

Status "fail" will be if five conditions will be true:

  • email service answer us that will not receive a letter to this email
  • server is down
  • SMTP server working incorrectly
  • no antispam tricks in use
  • email syntax is incorrect

Status "unknown" will be if two conditions will be true:

  • looking like antispam tricks in use
  • email service answering "valid" for any email

Optional Reports : 

There are 4 Optional reports available. 1) Disposable 2) Spam-traps 3) Role-based email 4) Unsafe emails. You can download these statuses along with the Email Status Report by enabling the particular option.

Status "Disposable"

  • This will show you if the email domain is disposable or not. Disposable emails are generally not monitored and not useful for email marketing.

Status "Spam-Traps"

  • These emails are caught by our huge database of spam-traps. Sending emails to these email addresses may harm your domain or IP addresses. So you should not send emails to "Spam-Traps".
  • Spam-traps are not publically available and we have collected by us manually. So it may be possible that after cleaning your list, some traps may be left out.

Status "Role-Based"

  • These emails are containing role base prefix like info@, accounts@, admin@, hr@, etc. You can send emails to these emails if you are sure they opted for emails or they are not complainers.

Status "Unsafe Emails"

  • These emails contain either complainers emails or our system detects as harmful emails with their email keywords or email reputation. You should avoid sending emails to these emails.

Understanding of "detail" report

This newest type of report, created for advanced customers. Row structure is "","sub-status", looking like:

There are 13 sub-statuses, prefix "t_" or "p_" can be added to sub-status, so sub-statues in the report can be with/without prefix.

List and description of sub-statuses:

  • "ok" - all is ok, server saying that ready to receive a letter to this address and no tricks detected
  • "error" - server saying that delivery failed, but no information about email existence or availability
  • "smtp_error" - the answer of the SMTP server is invalid or server responding with some internal error
  • "smtp_protocol" - SMTP server allows us to connect, but closing SMTP session before email was verified
  • "unknown_email" - server saying that delivery failed and email not exist
  • "attempt_rejected" - delivery fail, reason similar to "rejected"
  • "relay_error" - delivery fails because of some relaying problem
  • "antispam_system" - some antispam technology blocking verification progress
  • "email_disabled" - email account is suspended/disabled/limited and can't receive emails
  • "domain_error" - email server or DNS for the whole domain is not installed or incorrect, so all emails are not deliverable
  • "ok_for_all" - email server saying that ready to accept a letter to any email
  • "dead_server" - email server is dead, no connection to it
  • "syntax_error" - syntax error in email address
  • "unknown" - email delivery fails but no information about reasons

Prefix "t_" mean "temporary", "p_" mean "permanent". Prefix very useful because giving additional information about the situation:
"p_email_disabled" - it means that server says that email is permanently disabled
"t_attempt_rejected" - it can happen when the server just overloaded, and temporary reject verification
"p_error" - no information about email existing, but no chance to deliver email in future too
"t_error" - no information about email existing, but there is some chance that email is alive.
Sub-statuses with prefixes very powerful weapon for email results understanding and choosing email list for mailing.